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Ocean Initiatives

– 25 years of fights

– 15 368 clean-up operations since 1996

– 40 000 participants per year

– 40 countries commited

Coastal Defenders (since 2008)

– 82 environmental campaigns carried out

– 13 environmental campaigns in progress

Local chapters

– 48 local chapters

in 12 European countries

Skills-based volunteering

More than 300 volunteers with a wide range of skills

Give a few hours of your time… Or more!

Work in the field… Or remotely!

At Surfrider Foundation Europe, we offer two types of volunteering :

Volunteering in the field :

You can become a volunteer in the field by getting involved with the following programs: Ocean Initiatives and local chapters. They are field initiatives, taking place outside working hours.

Ocean Initiatives

A Surfrider Foundation program that tackles aquatic waste through education, participatory science and lobbying. This includes beach, ocean, lake and river bank clean-ups, taking place all over the world. These clean-ups are organized by volunteers with the support of Surfrider Foundation Europe.

You can take action occasionnally, by yourself or within a team, self-managing or within an existing initiative.

Local chapters

Local chapters are local volunteering groups spread all around Europe. They manage various events, actions, and environmental campaigns thanks to the Coastal Defenders program, in Surfrider’s name. They are Surfrider local representatives who take action in the long run, within their region, according to their own skills and interests.

Have a look at the local chapter map over here.

Skills-based volunteering

Occasional or in the long run involvement (depending on the missions) matching the volunteer’s professional skills.


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