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Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and the enjoyment of lakes, rivers, oceans, waves and the coastlines.

Surfrider Foundation Europe was founded in 1990 by a group of passionate surfers, and now consists of more than 12 000 members throughout the EU and is actively represented in 12 countries.

The European headquarters are based in Biarritz, France with a team of about 30 – staff, interns, and young people doing their civic service.

Supporting offices are located in Paris, Marseilles, Brussels, Bordeaux, San Sebastián, Barcelona and Hambourg.

  • Around 40 volunteering chapters are present across Europe which operate independently, but support the mission of the organization by responding to local issues and represent the community on the ground.

Volunteering with our Local Chapters

Interested in joining a dedicated community that shares your values of ocean protection? Join one of our local chapters! Chapters have the vital role of promoting Surfrider actions locally through various operations:

  • Raise awareness: represent Surfrider during sporting and cultural events by running a stand, giving information and raising public awareness about environmental issues.
  • Environmental education: work with students and teachers to integrate fundamental education on current environmental issues into school curriculum using tools provided by Surfrider.
  • Organize events: Chapters have the freedom to organize independent events that are relevant to their specific regions. Ocean Initiatives, community art exhibitions, and paddle outs are examples of local events produced by chapters.

Volunteering at Surfrider Offices

Do you excel in an office environment and have special skills that you can contribute to organizational operations? Volunteer at our Biarritz headquarters or a supporting office!
Examples of office volunteer duties:

  • program development
  • research and analysis
  • legislative lobbying
  • events
  • fundraising
  • communication campaigns
  • translations

You can also support Surfrider Foundation Europe remotely with specific projects that can be worked through on an individual basis.

Definition of a Surfrider Volunteer

Rockstars who dedicate their free time and energy to the mission of the organization and making the world a better place! Heroes of the oceans. Defenders of the coast.

Volunteers have no legal obligation to participate in Surfider’s actions, and are free to terminate involvement at any point. Volunteers are required to comply with organization statutes along with the safety standards of its area of work.

What skills are needed to volunteer with Surfrider?

No specific skills are required to join our volunteer community. One condition only: be motivated, dynamic and cheerful 😉

Whatever your professional experience or your field of study, you will find a mission to undertake at Surfrider Foundation Europe. Depending on the current needs of the organization, we can adapt your role to fit your interests and availability. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

Do I have to follow a specific work schedule and can I work remotely ?

With a local chapter : chapters are run by volunteers. Their actions mainly take place at week-ends and in the evenings after work. Every case is studied separately by each chapter and it can be different for each.

At our headquarters or regional offices : being a volunteer at our HQ or regional offices means working with our full-time employees during our working hours: Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm.  However some missions may take place during the weekend or in the evenings (such as certain events and waste collections). It depends on the mission but you are free to choose your schedule – two hours a week, one day a week, three days a month, every day over a month… As long as it fits the mission. It is also possible to work remotely for certain missions such as: translations, graphic design, scientific research….

Do I have to become a member to volunteer ?

No, however purchasing a membership gives you the right to vote at our General Assembly and you benefit from a 10% discount in our Shop. Becoming a member also means you are helping us achieve our goals 🙂

Do I have to be over 18 to volunteer ?

Not at all. However you may need your parents’ or legal tutors’ approval for some missions.

Can I receive financial compensation for a mission ?

Surfrider Foundation will not offer you financial compensation in exchange for your help. You will have to cover any relevant costs, including food and transport.

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